Thursday, July 15, 2010

Greater Plan

Every person's life is a plan of God. Some people seem certain of their mission in life. Others have no clue as to what special purpose God might have for them. But we can be certain that God has a purpose for each of our lives. It's not incumbent upon us to try to discover what it is, whether it's a very specific job or more likely, a series of events in which we play an integral part. What is important is that we remain open to what God may want to accomplish in our lives. This openness can be expressed through prayer. We can ask for God's direction. We can ask him to give us the strength of spirit to rest in whatever his will may be. We can then live in peace knowing that God is sovereign, that his purpose will be worked out in his time.
"An open mind and a submitted heart are avenues through which God fulfills his plans".

Friday, July 2, 2010

The Rhythm of Life

“Work and play is an artificial pair of opposites because the best kind of play contains an element of work, and the most productive kind of work must include something of the spirit of play.”

Picture a rocking chair on a porch on a beautiful sunny day. Add a good book or a movie and a glass of lemonade, and you have the ingredients for a perfect day, right? What if you were to sit there all day every day, rocking but going nowhere?

On the other hand, imagine a palm organizer, a laptop computer, and a cell phone. They could represent some of us who has no time for his family and friends, or they could be tools to enable us to work more efficiently, so we have more time for our families and loved ones. Whether these things are a blessing or a curse depends on how they are used.

Self control is a sign of a person who has learned the rhythm of life. Moderation is an important key to whether we are living a life of excess and pain or the abundant life Jesus intended – well balanced and fulfilling.

“Moderation keeps life in balance.”

Let your gentleness be evident to all.

(Philippians 4:5)